Social Policy

Comment Curation

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of society’s future is our North Star. Star Trek’s values of inclusivity and inquiry are at the heart of how we curate our content and moderate discussion. It also influences why we may, from time to time, remove content that we feel inappropriate, antagonistic, disrespectful, or otherwise offensive.

The Roddenberry community is vibrant, generous, kind, and passionate. It’s also pretty big! In Star Trek terms, we are a big ship, with a huge crew – all from different cultures and planets. It would be impossible to read every comment and police every area of our digital space. We rely on each of you, every member of our crew, to maintain an appropriate level of respect and consideration for each other. At times, you may disagree with someone on this page. Try not to freak out. Don’t be rude. Be respectful of each other. We encourage debate and discourse as long as it’s conveyed well. After all, it is differences of opinions combine with receptive and open minds that provide understanding, empathy and progress.

That said, here’s the bottom line: If you wouldn’t say it to a person’s face, then don’t type it here. We will not tolerate comments that we deem hateful to groups of people or individuals. That means insults to people’s religion, political preference, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, or any other aspect that makes each of us unique, will be responded to and/or deleted. This could also cause contributors to be barred from posting. Discriminatory language; personal attacks; or disclosure of others’ personal private information is also not appropriate for this group. In extreme cases we may notify law enforcement if we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.

If there’s something you find objectionable or feel we should be aware of, message one of the members of our social team. We believe deeply in the ability of our community to guide itself. However, if you think something has crossed the line and you want us to review it, we will. Don’t expect us to get involved in every issue that ruffles feathers, but we will intervene if something crosses the line.



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