Be A Part of the Roddenberry Stage In Vegas This Year

StageAre you a Professional, Fan or Organization that would like to present a Panel on the Interactive Roddenberry Stage at Star Trek Las Vegas 2016? If so, fill out the ‘Submissions‘ PDF by July 6th, 2016, 5PM PST. This form is for the Roddenberry Stage Panels only. The Roddenberry Stage will be located in Quarks’ Bar and focus on interactive programming.

We have limited availability panel slots to fill, so before you submit, please make sure your application is the best it can be. Roddenberry is looking for programing that is original, exciting, creative and interactive. Most importantly, think about the value your panel will provide to fans and what sets your panel apart from others.

This application does not guarantee you a panel slot on the Roddenberry Stage, it only registers your request to hold a panel at the event. Roddenberry will respond to all panel requests – whether they are accepted or not – by July 15th.

Download the Submission Form >>

(Right click the link, or ‘Control’ click on Apple, to save the form to your computer.)