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Trek Nation Special Edition DVD

Trek Nation Special Edition DVD

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New Double Disc Set!

Exclusive Interviews

Rare Footage

Bonus Featurettes

Over 5 Hours of Content

Roddenberry Presents: Trek Nation Special Edition DVD


Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, also known as "The Great Bird of the Galaxy" passed away in 1991. His son Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry, Jr. was only 17 years old. Trek Nation, is a feature-length film documenting Rod's trek across America to understand who his father was through the touchstones Gene left behind: His Friends, His Family, His Work, and His Influence. Including surprising, revelatory conversations with actors, fans, NASA personnel, entertainment-industry leaders and other prominent figures, Trek Nation is a film that explores one of life's most universal stories — the discovery of a parent.

This double disc set contains the original feature film, along with extended interviews, Infinite Diversity & A Star Trek Is Born featurettes, and rare home movies.  Over five hours of total content!

Trek Nation boldly brings the viewers into the very personal and behind-the-scenes world of the Roddenberry family. ...their story will tug at your heart, whether you're a ‘Trek’ fan or not.”

— Huffington Post