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First Contact Phaser Rifle Prop Replica

First Contact Phaser Rifle Prop Replica

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1:1 Scale Prop Replica

Sound & Light Effects

Retractable Shoulder Strap

Exclusive Display Stand

Roddenberry Presents: First Contact Phaser Rifle Prop Replica


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Advanced phaser rifles, capable of firing pulse bursts as well as the standard beam, were used in the 2370s.  These rifles had a pistol grip and either an "under barrel grip" or a second vertical grip underneath the barrel (similar to conventional firearms of times past), and were capable of being modified with various types of scope, barrel and power cell.

The First Contact Phaser Rifle prop replica was produced using the original master tooling and manufactured for In addition to STAR TREK First Contact, this prop appeared in STAR TREK Insurrection and was used as the base for the modified rifle from STAR TREK Nemesis.

 This fully-built prop replica includes the following features & upgrades:

    * Operational power bar electronics
    * Soundboard and speaker w/custom sound EFX
    * Independently lit scope
    * Functional light emitter for the front of the barrel
    * 3 Red LEDs for the side for the rifle
    * Battery holder (AAA batteries included)
    * 2 separate power switches (Main power & front scope light)
    * Retractable Assembly Sling (Shoulder strap)
    * Custom-made display stand (Roddenberry exclusive)
    * Hand painting & finishing
    * Certificate of Authenticity

Click here  to download the Operations Manual