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Worth Graphic Novel

Worth Graphic Novel

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128 Full Color Pages

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Roddenberry Presents: Worth Graphic Novel


Arcana Studio and Roddenberry Entertainment present Worth, the heartfelt story of Grant Worth, Motor City's most iconic hero.

During the 1960's, Worth's ability to control machines made him a legendary figure in Detroit.  But when Worth's powers become obsolete because of society's own progress, he is forced to discover what happens when a superhero can no longer be super...

"Worth really gives a new look at superheroes in the modern era and
tells a powerful story not just about Grant Worth or the city of
Detroit, but about our ever changing society as well." -- The Pit

"Abolutely gorgeous and completely heart-wrenching." -- Jenna Busch, Fan Voice

"This comic has the right sense of what makes for a tragic hero." -- Henry Chamberlain,

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