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White Room: 02B3

Starring Breckin Meyer, Tamlyn Tomita, David Blue and Rachel True, as well as Internet icons Tony Janning and Milynn Sarley, White Room: 02B3 is a film short about six strangers who wake up in a white room to find out they are part of an extraordinary experiment that could change the face of humanity forever.

Boldly going where no movie has gone before, White Room: 02B3 is a first-of-its-kind film. It was shot using a cutting-edge 360° camera system, allowing Roddenberry Entertainment to continue its tradition of breaking the mold and pushing the status quo. Sitting in the middle of the single-room set, the camera captures 360-degrees outwardly in high-definition panoramic video with no gaps or distortion during filming. With a 360° camera, all actors are filmed simultaneously, presenting a unique challenge for writers, producers, actors and the director. The script has to incorporate relevant information for characters that would normally be off camera, and every actor in the room has to be in character while the camera is rolling with no opportunities to cut until the end of a scene.

Distribution methods for the film are no less groundbreaking than its production. White Room: 02B3 should be available via dome theaters as well as mobile devices, redefining what it means for an audience to engage in and interact with their entertainment. In both cases, the viewer's ability to literally look around the room and see what's going on is what makes White Room: 02B3 one of the most immersive experiences you'll ever encounter.

“Roddenberry has always been a pioneer in pushing the envelope, and broadening the scope of entertainment,” Greg Aronowitz says of the challenge. “They've given me an amazing opportunity to be one of the first directors to navigate the challenges of creating a 360 degree narrative film.”

“Because we follow in footsteps of a luminary like Gene Roddenberry, we recognize science fiction as a methodology via which we can explore the human condition from every potential angle,” says executive producer Rod Roddenberry of the project. “It, therefore, feels fitting that with White Room: 02B3, we are literally pushing cinematic boundaries by providing a 360 degree view of our characters and our story for audiences to experience and enjoy.”

For more information, visit the official website at www.whiteroom02b3.com