Black Friday

Trek Initiative

Wikia.com, the world’s leading collaborative media company and home to many of the Web’s largest social communities, in partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment, announce the ultimate, online “Star Trek” community portal, Trek Initiative (www.trekinitiative.com). Trek Initiative will offer a gateway for the millions of “Star Trek” fans to gather, collaborate and communicate around everything Trek, as well as secure exclusive content and share local community happenings with one another. For anyone who ever uttered the words "To boldly go" or "Make it so," Trek Initiative will become a destination to celebrate all that “Star Trek” and its legacy stand for and serve as a gateway to everything Trek on the Web. It will include a directory for all Trek sites and bring together the eight communities currently on Wikia.com, including two of the largest on the internet - Memory Alpha and Memory Beta (which together consist of over 35,000 pages of rich content).

Visit the official Trek Initiative site at www.trekinitiative.com