White Room: 02B3

Rod & Barry


What if aliens from another galaxy were monitoring us for potential ANNIHILATION?!?! What would stop them from utterly destroying us, a primitive species in their superior eyes? Rod & Barry® answers these pressing questions.

Under order of the Supreme Overlord, aliens Rod and Barry are on a mission to investigate Earth and its inhabitants prior to the planet’s annihilation. Through the course of their investigation Rod and Barry happen upon Earth’s science-fiction entertainment. And it’s all downhill from there.

Immediately, the two become the first ever “space geeks.” Rod and Barry are TV junkies who are so transfixed by sci-fi that they disregard their mission in lieu of doing little more than sitting on the couch in their spaceship watching, living, breathing, debating and arguing about our favorite shows, movies, characters and stories. Rod and Barry quickly take their place as the science fiction versions of Siskel and Roeper. After all, who better to comment on modern-day sci-fi that two wacky purple aliens.

Oh, and let’s not forget that they have to constantly explain their activities and delay to their leader, the Supreme Overlord.

Rod & Barry® is a tri-weekly comic strip drawn by cartoonist David Reddick and published every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. With well over 200 strips now, Rod & Barry® is about to take a new direction, with its first-ever, complete story ARC.

For more information on Rod & Barry®, visit the official website at www.rodandbarry.com