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Gene's Journal

  • Gene's Journal® animated series now in development


Gene’s Journal® is the untold, “true story” behind the adolescent years of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. It was during these years that Gene was continuously abducted by aliens for the extraterrestrial purpose of studying human beings – all of his experiences recorded faithfully in his boyhood journal.

The fantastic stories detailing the alien wonders he encountered would later inspire Gene to create some of the greatest science fiction television has ever seen. However in the childhood moments of these experiences, Gene found them to be less than inspiring. Young Gene is constantly trying to reconcile his earthling life with the hilarious alien encounters. After all, it’s quite hard to do your homework, meets girls, play on sports teams, etc., when aliens (Agent 4 & Agent 6) continue to abduct you for their outlandish needs, missions and entertainment.

Delivered in the unique medium of 3-panel comics by cartoonist David Reddick, Gene’s Journal® is now published three times a week, and has amassed well over 200 strips. The property is well on its way to leaping off of your computer screen into additional formats. Discussions have already begun to develop this property as an animated or live-action television series.

For more information on Gene’s Journal®, visit the official website at www.genesjournal.com