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Mission Statement

Roddenberry is a science fiction leader, passionate about providing thought-provoking, quality science fiction to audiences around the world. We create substantive entertainment, carrying on the legacy that was handed down by our founder Gene Roddenberry.

We are devoted to building a viewer-centric entertainment company that actively recognizes the central role that those watching play in the creation of any concept. We strive to create entertainment that surpasses the objective of entertaining; providing people and opportunity to think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live.

Roddenberry is a brand that promotes experience over observation. To that end, we also take great pride in providing valued fans with quality merchandise based on our productions. With over forty years of expertise, we attempt to consistently exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Engaging skilled professionals who, in many cases, worked on our entertainment properties, we strive to the genuine and authentic products in the market.